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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  September 26, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ashanti was virginia beach area for culinary school, also had job on military base. it has been over a week since she was seen and her family and friends tonight, they're doing all they can to find her. >> please, pray for ashanti, my daughter, my baby, she is my everything. please bring my baby home today. >> where is she? what happened? questions her parents and law enforcement are desperately trying to answer. >> we're desperate. because it is going on eight days now. answer. this new video he release from the fbi is what authorities believe asian take you's car joining joint little creek monday, september 18. family believes show was on her way into work to set up for the day at a sandwich shop inside the base. a half-hour later her car was seen leaving but we're told the video is not good enough to see who is actually driving the car. her mother and father say there were no signs of trouble, in
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recent promotion at work. she was excited about it. that was something that she shared with me. every day -- well, we would talk every other day and throughout the conversation her job would come up in there somewhere somehow because she was excited about it. fast forward to this past saturday, asian take you's car was found 12 miles away in a norfolk neighborhood where she didn't really know anyone. heroin owes were down and her phone was found in a dumb certify not far away from where he she worked. her parents say any small clue could help. we're out here look ing. this is real life for us. this is something that we never would wish on anybody. tonight, the fbi is offering a $10,000 reward in this case. just this afternoon the poats ter that you are looking at was updated from seeking information to a missing person's case, the fa
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media and they've established a hashtag on twitter and instance gram bring ashash take you home they've also set up a go fund me account to help with family with expenses while they're down with searching material in the virginia beach area. matt ackland, fox5 local news. >> to the president again, if you don't take this crisis seriously, this is going to be your katrina. president trump coming under fire for his responser to the defense taition in puerto rico left behind by hurricane maria. some democrats saying it has been far slower than the response to other recent hurricanes in texas and florida. more than 3 million residents face food and water shortages as well as spotty communication and they face long lines for gas. also, officials say power may not be fully restored for up to six months.
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fox5's ronica cleary is live now with more on the white house response. >>reporter: tony, the president perhaps hearing some of those criticisms it's difficult to say what compelled him to do this but when he opened today's joint press conference in the rose garden he he did take time to address the crisis in puerto rico and speak about his plans to travel to the island. take a listen. puerto rico needs a lieutenant of mondayment eem going going to puerto rico on tuesday. it's the earliest i can go because of the first responders and we don't want to disrupt the the relief efforts. they're going through a lot. and that was part of the reason why there were delays in the past when the president visited other disaster areas in light of the multiple hurricanes that we have seen. he has received criticism, though, in part because he said that his administration is doing, quote, a good job and tone initial as you mentioned at the start, there
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done in puerto rico with reports that people are waiting hours in line for gasoline that infrastructure has been completely destroyed on the island, and that electricity may take months to returnment of course democrats they are criticizing the president's response, congress woman va last cas and clark they came out describing the situation on the ground in puerto rico very different terms than we've heard from the administration. take a listen. my fear is that no one in the administration has really understand the graft of the situation in puerto rico. this is evolving and some people are saying it's already a humane crisis. people are starving and people are dehydrated. this is a tropical region so that means the heat is on them. and so what we're talking about is not an evolving humane tear and crisis,
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crisis in process. so what is your take on how president trump has responded to the crisis in particular in puerto rico and of course you can paint a pick ter picture on how he's responded to the multiple hurricanes we have seen rav vaijed so much over the past month. weigh in, you know that i love of to hear from you to of on facebook and twitter ment ronica cleary, fox5 local news. >> as those recovery efforts continue in puerto rico some local heros are heading to help out. members of the d.c. police department are heading to the island tomorrow. our own gary mcgrady is live at the headquarters in northwest. this is great they're going down there to help. >>reporter: it really is. not only is it great for humanitarian reasons, but most of these guys and girls they are making going back there as natives of puerto rico so they get a chance to go back and maybe
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while they're. officer jose gonzales he's going down there with a group of officers and here's what he had to say about what's going on down there right now. i'm talking to my uncle l back home. he's an assistant chief of the police department. so i was talking to him because he has cellphone signal and he said the town is destroyed. i mean, there's pictures. it's completely detroid. what does it mean to you to be able to go with these folks. >> it means everything. like we were talking inside there, it's like we came from there. we became police officers there. and now we going back to help. it means a lot. >> officer gonzales has talked to a lot of his family, but his sister is still kind ever un accounted for there. she lives in the valley not far from the mount new
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in. another officer that is going down tomorrow morning, officer figure row a. thanks for being with us. what does this mean to you, short notice, but you get to go down there and help out and hopefully see some of your family members as well. it's a mix of feelings. i'm proud of what we're doing. i wouldn't go anywhere without these guys. these guys mean the world to me. they're family here and the fact that we are able to bring that experience that we get from puerto rico 15 years ago, i was patrolling the streets of puerto rico p and coming back and help out means a lot to us. it's a great experience. have you talk to any of your family down there so far in how are they doing. >> yesterday for the first time i spoke with my parents and today as we were planning all this my son, i got a random call from my son who i haven't heard of since all this pped that. it took me for surprise. i had to
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ep him how much i love him. are you going to get a chance to see him when you're down there. >> i'm going to try to see him. we have a mission that we have to accomplish, but i will try to reach out to him. >> are you you down there as law enforcement officers? obviously you are, you carry that every where, but do you know what you are going to be doing when you get down there. >> we lived through this experience before, not as much. not as strong as a hurricane like this. >> you have some persons. >> growing up on the island, you have to have. it grows on you. how long do you plan arrested on an outstanding staying, do you know. >> a couple of days, probably a week. we're not sure. that's not important. just to get there and help out. it goes without saying. >> thanks for your service. >> i know they're going to be greatful to have you you down there. i hope you can stay there as licensing as you need. they were talking up the support of the chief for hanging out and bein a
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guys. they're going to be going tomorrow morning, 9 a.m. you're leaving? a. yes. >> maybe they're there a week, maybe a little bit longer, but i can tell you you this, you guys are going to have a lot of work to do. i wish your family well back into you guysment this is all happening for them so fast. a lot of them are happening, we get to go? it's been a couple of days. >> non stop, no sleeping, plan ning and coordinating with different agencies, different re sources. we do it with the heart. hopefully we'll get to hear your stories when you get back. new tonight, a man is facing misdemeanor charges for pointing a laser at a fairfax county police helicopter. the chopper was returning to its hanger saturday night when police say it was hit by a blue light laser three different times. it was so strong that it bounced off some equipment in the cockpit temporarily blinding two plight officers. fortunately the crew was able to circle back to the area and use the infrared camera in
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helicopter to identify the vehicle where the laser came frvment the driver was charged with shining a laser at an aircraft. >> a suspicion encounter lead to a can shooing discovery and it led to a local high school being put on lock down. paul. >>reporter: tony and shawn, it was a loaded gun found inside potomac high school here in oxon hill today. it forced a massive police response. we'll tell you you all about it straight ahead tony. and are dangerous chemicals lurking in your cup of coffee. of the push to put warning labels on your cup of joe.
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r whoever pays him. >> potomac high school in oxon hill was on lock dwown for two hours after a student was spot ted with a loaded gun. a teacher saw the 16 year owed, a letterred the school resource \officer\officer a{^}ment the good news no one was hurt, about many parents rushed to the school after hearing the news. fox5's paul wagner is live with more on the story. >>reporter: see
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something. we've heard it for years, shawn and that's what this teacher did today on the second floor of this school here in potomac high school in oxon hill. this teacher suspicion she notified the school resource officer. thats of other questioned the 16th year old tenth grader who found a loaded piss pistol. the school was locked down after a teacher told police she saw a current teacher transferring money with another teen. they began questioning that student. during the questioning, the officer found a hand gun on the student, quickly took that student into custody. officers then arrived in force and began searching door to door . students locked in their classrooms then got onto their phones and learned what was going on. how did you learn about it? she text me on her cellphone. >> what did she say? a. the school is on locks down. >> but you you didn't know why. >> right. she said a student had a gun.
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there was a student with a gun. how did you you find that out. >> social media. other mothers and fathers also rushed to the school after getting the news. >> imagine a take it of panic. literally it took me 15 minutes to get from silver springs. police spent about two hours inside the school but realized the trespasser left after necessity saw him on video. >> we do know who he is and we are looking for him. it's unclear why he brought the gun to the school or if they had some kind of plan. >> fortunately the teacher was alert enough to notice that students exchanging money was exchange and money. the trespasser is a former student who has been known to be a troublemaker in the past. north korea you what we understand is that trespassing student used to be a student here, but now goes to groom high school in prince george's county. they are now trying to rack that student down . we understand there will be charges filed against the
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oxon hill, paul wagner, fox5 local news. >> coming up, a star studded event honoring young children. our own and why you is life at the boys and girls club tonight. >> i'm working a night shift tonight. i'm working the blue carpet. i said blue because it is the boys and girls club of america that we're talking about . this is a big, big night for six finalists. they were selected out of four million teens across the country. so a big night for a lieutenant of special people. we've also got a star studded lineup. i heard that kelly roland is coming through, that canyon, wand a did your rants and the list goes objection to the form i'm keeping their third eye open for the other sell brebts. fox5's news continues. don't go anywhere. and i yeu.
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q. happy tuesday to you you. another hot day. >> a little pink. how about you , tony perkins. we don't plan this. we don't
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just happens like this some days . you know what they say, great minds think aligning. >> we're thinking like a team nowrchlt yes, we are. it was a warm day of the we didn't hit 90 , but we still got really warm . in terms of the clouds for maria, we have had some, but they're not that thickment no rain falling out of them, either , although you get down to south eastern, virginia. but i'll bet you we have a sunset alert in effect. you should get some great pictures with this moisture laiden cloud coverage overhead. if you get some good ones send them to sue palka fox5 d.c. meanwhile mid 80s again today and will likely be above that tomorrow. you you got another day of summer to get through kids, 82-degrees is where our temperature is right now. here comes fall. it's still on track with a dry frontal boundary passing through on thursday. sixty-four in minneapolis and denver 61. a nice shot of fall weather, but there sure is a
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out ahead of it and ace some of the heat that we will be sampling tomorrow. we will get ready for the fall feel, but tomorrow forecasting 89. by thursdays ' a little bit more reasonable with the temperature of eight #. thursday can end up as a breezy day as well. friday 74 and saturday 70. definitely not just the feel of september, but even a little bit cool for september once we get the frontal boundary through. and we need the front to keep on moving because it's also going to play a part in steering maria out to see. right now maria is 160 miles southeast of cape hatteras and you can see by the new simple it's in the a hurricane anymore, but a tropical storm with winds ever 70 miles an hour. they are getting tropical conditions at the outer banks. a little bit far from our area. we're seeing the hot afternoon on tamponade just today, but also for tomorrow. but it will make its closest approach to the outer banks tomorrow as well as to
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maryland coast. it will move very rapidly because the front is going to kick it out to see. mid to upper 80s, if not 90- degrees for many areas and our last visible picture here of tropical storm maria, you can see the clouds going away as it's getting dark over the atlantic. it's lashing the outer banks. not the worst conditions more like a noreaster going by by the way, we also have category two hurricane lee lee is going to move on out to see harmlessly, but could become a category three before that happens. maria will make a hard right turn and race away sometime tomorrow night or thursday morning. your fox5 seven day forecast, you see the change in seasons is that coming , saturday will also be a little bit breezy with a temperature of 730 as we head on into the weekend it looks absolutely gorgeous for the fall fess festivals and anything you want to do outside. monday, 74 and tuesday 756789 the only thing we can use
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a little bit dry. we could just a little bit of rain. we'll keep it off the weekend. we don't have any in the forecast any. >> over to you guys. weekend looks good. >> happening right now the boys and girls clubs of america are holding the 70th annual youth of the year gail a tonight. six young leaders were comoasen out of the four million club members for how they over came and rose above to be pillars of their communities. our own and i yaw is live with more. good evening to you. reporter roar there's a lot happening at the national building museum right now. it's about to get underway, a lots of people walking in. i'm trying to work this blue carpet. l kelly roland is coming, wanda durants and the list go office we have a lot of special people coming out for this event. this is really a night to celebrate the special teams that
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it to this point on the national stage. we're talking about young people striving to do some amazing great things in this world. it's reallien expiring and i had a cans to speak with all six and they really had this mindset of no matter what life throws at them, no matter what tough circumstances that they will per certify veer and make it through we'll learn more about the six finalists throughout the evening, but the winner will walk away with $1,550,000 in column sar lap money, a brand new car, a toyota corolla, a trip to disney and then be the voice for the 4 million children out there that belong to the 4300 boys and girls clubs of america scattered across the country. this is an amazing night, again, a celebration of success, leader ship and truly inspiration al. i actually learned a lot about the six finalists. they all come from different walks of life. they've worked so hard. they were leaders
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to get to this point. it's an honor to be here and a lot of special people coming out in support of this. and so we'll get to meet some of the star studded lineup in just a bit as well. back to you in the studio . it's looking like a tbrait way to than onor these kids and i hope some of the celebrities stop by. and i we doanlt usually get to you you see you at 6:00. this is a surprise. i'm drinking a lieutenant of caffeine to stay a wake right you now. this is typically the time i get some shut eye. i'm ' trying to work it y'all. we feel for you and keep work it. thank you very much. >> still ahead, getting more than just their daily dose of caffeine. >> speaking of caffeine. could your morning cup of joe soon come what cancer warning. before we head to the break, a baseball play is going vie viral . during the cubs and cardinals, short stop dives knocking a tray of nachos out of
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ful of cheese. russell returned between inning to bring him -- that was awesome. z2i1wz z16fz
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y2i1wy y16fy woman: so, greg, it's a lot to take in. woman 2: and i know that's hard to hear, but the doctors caught it early. hi, blake! my dad has cancer. woman: and i know how hard that is to hear. but you're in the right place. man: and dr. pascal and her team, they know what to do. they know what to do. the doctors know what to do. so here's the plan. first off, we're going to give you all... (voice fading away)
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iml we have a hez up for coffee lovers. coffee served in california may soon come with a cancer warning. a nonprofit group is accusing starbucks and other companies of not following california laws requiring warning signs when hazardous chemicals are found in products acritical made can cause cancer,
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researched the. more and more women are getting mastectomies to reduce their chances of getting breast cancer. some say they were influenced by actress angelica lee jolene. she had both breasts removed after she found out she had the jean that makes her at risk for developing breast cancer. we learned about that right afterward and we see the trend is continuing. keep it here, 5@6:30 is coming up after the break.
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>> happy tuesday, the gop's lat est attempt to repeal and re place the affordable care act is dead and the president isn't so happy bit. so what now? you can see the run down on the side of your screen. this is what we're talking about tonight on 5@6:30. let's go. we were very disappointed by a couple of senators, republican senators i must say. we were very disappointed that they would take the attitude that they did we don't know why they did it. you can sort of figure that. but we'll see what happens. you know, it's going along. at some point there will be a repeal and replace. that was president trump hours before the announcement from the


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